Burst Pipes

A burst pipe either in a residential home, office, factory, warehouse or in a driveway can be a devastating experience. From a small leak to a major burst pipe the consequential damage that is caused can be costly.

A burst pipe is caused by various factors:

Plumbing Gauteng Services will attend to any burst pipe under any circumstances. Our trained technicians will excavate and locate the leak where required, assess the problem and use the correct fittings to repair.

In certain circumstances repairs would be undertaken but recommendations would be made to either replace a section of the pipe or replace the entire water main.

In some instances it would be cost effective to rather put the money that would be spent on a major repair towards a new water main.

There is no guarantee on the condition of the existing water main that it won't burst again once the initial leak has been fixed. If there are signs of bad corrosion in this area of repair, it would indicate that the condition of the entire water main would be the same.

What to do if your water pipe bursts in the roof/walls under a floor:

  1. Turn of the water at the mains. This will stop any more water leaking through, but you will have to allow time for the water in the pipe to stop.
  2. Switch off electricity to the geyser if you suspect the burst pipe is near the geyser. If there is a leak, especially in a ceiling, the water will tend to culminate around a light fitting.
  3. Limit the damage. If the ceiling is bowing, then to limit the damage from your whole ceiling collapsing, use a sharp implement or screw driver to make a hole in the ceiling board for the water to drain into a bucket or dustbin.
  4. Call Plumbing Gauteng Services

What to do if your water pipe bursts underground:

  1. Turn of the water at the mains.
  2. If you notice hot water coming out of the cold taps or in the area where the leak is, switch off the electricity supply to the geyser.
  3. Call Plumbing Gauteng